Choi Ji Woo sends the internet into a frenzy with her timeless beauty after 21 years 

It is as if the actress never aged a single day. 

Choi Ji Woo has gone from the star of “Winter Sonata” to one of the most iconic faces in  K-dramas. She earns both respect and adoration from the audience for her amazing acting performance as well as a timeless beauty. Despite approaching her 50, the actress, nevertheless, boasts a youthful charm envied by many. 

Recently, the actress uploaded a short clip of herself on her SNS, shocking the public with her ageless visuals. Netizens expressed that it seems Choi Ji Woo never aged a single day after 2 decades of starring in “Winter Sonata” alongside Bae Yong Joon. Her headband and dimple smile were reminiscent of the items worn by the energized female student Jung Yoo Jin in the 2002 popular drama. 

Choi Ji Woo
Choi Ji Woo boasts a bright and ageless beauty in a recent clip 
Choi Ji Woo
Netizens are nostalgic of her role in “Winter Sonata” 

At present, Choi Ji Woo spends more time with her daughter. She is frequently on trips and taking care of her family and dog. 

Source: K14

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