Cho Byung Gyu’s school violence discloser makes a suggestion for public verification, “If I tell lies, give me 5 billion won”

A, Cho Byung Gyu’s schoolmate in New Zealand, who exposed the actor of being a school bully made a final proposal of 5 billion won.

On July 31st, A posted their Instagram, saying “Final suggestion for the verification of ‘School violence truth’”.

In the post, A said, “After making previous posts, I received lots of advice. Why would a victim, who has no money at all, suddenly propose an unrealistic bet of 10 billion won or 20 billion won? Do I need money? To make an excuse, I recently saw articles about me before the drama aired. In particular, the amounts of 6 million won, 1.2 billion won and 2 billion won are merely legal expenses, and the actual amount of claims to me is 10 billion won for 600 million won, 20 billion won for 1.2 billion won, and over 30 billion won for 2 billion won.”

Cho Byung Gyu’s school violence discloser

They continued, “I’m still thinking about the truth over and over again. I explained it again to the investor who trusted me and tearfully made an appeal. There won’t be any dividend if I win, and I was promised 5 billion won if I lose”.

A added, “If the agency (HB Entertainment) is found to be lying, they won’t suffer any financial burden, and if I am the person who tells lies, they will give me 5 billion won unconditionally”, adding “I hope they make a public response within three days considering the position of the investor. The agency’s side has four people, including the CEO, the lawyer, the actor and Kim. This is the opportunity for the agency to complain of unfairness, restore their honor and solve compensation at once as they wish.”

Along with this, A also mentioned the four conditions for the public verification of school violence. 

They are, “not rejecting any reason after the two parties make an agreement (in this case, there will be a fine of 5 billion won)”, “the place where the school violence suspicion was raised is the school so the verification will be entrusted to the school and local police”, “using a lie detector and hypnosis investigation”, and “separate civil and criminal responsibilities”. This is the verification to see whether A’s claim of school violence is true or false.

A argued that HB sued them both in Korea and New Zealand and pressured them to compensate for damages while demanding an apology to “clarify false facts” as a condition of their agreement. They also want to find out why an apology letter they never wrote was submitted as evidence, resulting in their’s status getting changed from a witness to a suspect.

Cho Byung Gyu’s school violence discloser

On July 27th, A posted, “Let’s make a public verification with 10 billion won”. HB responded, “Everything will be revealed once the post’s author is investigated by the investigative agency”, then A said they would accept HB’s request and revised the verification cost to 20 billion won.

Meanwhile, in February 2021, Cho Byung Gyu was previously accused of being a school violence perpetrator when he was a high school student in New Zealand.

Appearing at the press conference for tvN’s weekend drama “The Uncanny Counter 2”, which premiered on July 29th, the actor opened up about the school violence issue, saying “I’m being cautious. I’m still trying my best to prove that the claims are not true.”

Source: Insight

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