Chinese Media: Lee Sun-kyun’s Death Is Related to Park Yoochun’s former fiancé Hwang Hana?

Lee Sun-kyun’s death has shocked the entire world, and various suspicions, accusations, and concerns have since arisen. 

It is known that the actor was found in a car with traces of CO2 poisoning and coal inside the car, and also left a farewell letter to his wife, so most believed that Lee Sun-kyun took his own life. 

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However, Chinese media claimed that there are many suspicious details about Lee Sun-kyun’s sudden death. According to Sohu, the fact that the actor took his own life when his case was still being investigated and lacked a conclusive resolution is peculiar. 

Sohu emphasized that before his death, Lee Sun-kyun consistently denied and took every possible measure to prove his innocence regarding drug abuse allegations. The actor actively cooperated with the authorities in their investigation.

During his third round of questioning on December 23, Lee Sun-kyun confidently refuted all accusations, insisting that he was tricked into using drugs and demanding a lie detector test to verify his statements. Sohu suggests that this indicates Lee Sun-kyun’s willingness to face a fourth police summon, even accepting the use of advanced technology to validate his claims.

Therefore, the Chinese publication suspects that after the third round of questioning, Lee Sun-kyun may have faced unbearable pressure that pushed him to extreme actions. 

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Sohu also raises the question of whether Lee Sun-kyun’s death is related to Korean tycoons and whether the actor became a sacrificial pawn to conceal someone’s wrongdoing or protect the reputation of a figure in the upper class.

“The first thing that happened after Lee Sun-kyun faced investigation was his wife and second child going abroad, reuniting with the first child. Was they running away from something? Was there a hidden party that tried to push Lee Sun-kyun into such a scandal?”, the media outlet wrote. 

As a result, Park Yoochun’s former fiancé, Hwang Hana, becomes the center of Sohu’s doubt regarding Lee Sun-kyun’s death. Both Lee Sun-kyun and Hwang Hana were suspected to be connected to a drug network in entertainment establishments and residential areas in Gangnam, Seoul. 

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Hwang Hana is also believed to have introduced Lee Sun-kyun to drugs, and has a criminal record related to drug offenses. On top of this, in 2020, an online user accused Hwang Hana of murdering her husband, with her parents also having ties to the mysterious death.

Sohu questions whether Hwang Hana and her tycoon family are linked to Lee Sun-kyun’s death, as both parties are entangled in the same drug case.

Source: Sohu

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