Chanyeol’s most memorable birthday with Deadpool blowing the candles

Can you find out what makes Chanyeol regret most? That is he could not take part in Halloween party this year.

Surely EXO-L remembers it is a pity that Chanyeol stayed at home this Halloween and did not attend SM’s party. Actually he was very invested in ordering a set of Deadpool from the United States, but in the end, it was not sent to Korea. Therefore, Chanyeol did not have the opportunity to wear it.
In a television show, Baekhyun revealed that Chanyeol had been pissed off for several days because his costume was sewn up by the costume designer in the “Deadpool” movie.

However, he finally found another opportunity to wear it, which is his birthday party held on November 26th. The costume was tailored to Chanyeol, plus his tall body made many fans thought that Deadpool actually appeared. He did not even bother to take off this costume when blowing candles.

After the party, Chanyeol posted a video thanking EXO-L for remembering his birthday:

“It was the third time that I was having a birthday together with you. Just as I imagined, it was really fun time. Thank you very much for coming, hopefully in the future we will continue to have good time together. I will have happy birthday tomorrow. Thank you, I love you. Byeong! “

Chanyeol celebrated his birthday one day earlier, so today, November 27th is officially his birthday. Wish Chanyeol a happy new year with his family and members of EXO. Happy Birthday EXO-L’s lover: Park Chanyeol!

Source: Saostar

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