“Chaebol Do Do-hee” Kim Yoo-jung Showed Love For Her Cheap Earphones Bought A Convenience Store

Magazine Singles Korea posted a “SHOW YOUR BAG” video Kim Yoo-jung edition on their YouTube channel on December 27th.

In the video, Kim Yoo-jung shared, “I don’t often carry bags. However, I carry a large size bag when I need to bring a lot of my belongings and scripts.”

“I don’t always read books, but I carry them around,” the actress said, adding, “Usually, if I carry a book when going out, I can only read it for a short time and it’s a pity that the reading flow will be cut off, so I tend to carry a poem collection with me.”

In addition, Kim Yoo-jung took out her string earphones and said, “I bought them at a convenience store. I love listening to music, so this is the most comfortable,” adding, “It’s easy to plug in and take out of my phone, so I carry it around.”

“I always listen to jazz a lot because I like the jazz genre, and since it’s winter these days, I listen to a lot of songs with emotions that go well with winter,” she said. “I’m into classical music, so I search on YouTube, and I play songs that I don’t know well.”

In addition, Kim said, “I relieve stress by listening to music or walking here and there.”

Source: Herald Pop

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