CEO of Omega X’s agency, who was embroiled in controversy over abusing the members, voluntarily resigns

The CEO who was accused of abusing Omega X, has stepped down from her position. 

Spire Entertainment announced on November 7th through Omega X‘s official fan cafe, “We take full responsibility for this incident. The CEO who caused an unpleasant incident during the group’s world tour has voluntarily resigned.”

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Last month, controversy arose when a recording in which a woman, who was believed to be the CEO of Omega X’s agency, was using abusive language and even hitting the members, causing fierce controversy. 

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At that time, the agency said that the members and the CEO were talking to each other about what made them disappointed after the tour was over, and their emotions intensified and their voices sounded higher, but all misunderstandings were cleared up afterwards.

The agency said, “We will do our best to prevent recurrence so that Omega X members will not experience such an unfortunate incident again.”

Source: dispatch

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