Celebrities’ controversial remarks at the 2021 SBS Entertainment Awards are receiving criticism from netizens

After the 2021 SBS Entertainment Awards was broadcast, some stars’ comments are being criticized by audiences.

Lee Ji-hoon and Kim Hee-chul appeared as award presenters for the “Excellent Program Award” at the 2021 SBS Entertainment Awards aired on December 18th. On this day, Kim Hee-chul said, “I heard Lee Ji-hoon quit smoking as a birthday gift for his wife. I was really surprised”. In response, Lee Ji-hoon said, “Sorry. There is nothing I can do apart from smoking. I will give you a bigger gift next year.”

Then, Kim Hee-chul asked, “What is good about getting married?”. Lee Ji-hoon said, “Every night, with her… Ah, no…”. After stuttering for a few seconds, he continued, “There are many good things about getting married. I received money from my brothers. I have been married for more than 1 month but still received congratulatory money today.”

Celebrities’ controversial 2021 SBS Entertainment Awards

In addition, Tak Jae-hoon, who appeared with Seol In-ah for the Excellence Award, said, “Have you seen Dolsing Fourmen?” and asked her to vote for the cast of “Dolsing Fourmen”. In response, Seol In-ah mentioned Im Won-hee and said, “I worked with him when I was a rookie and he really good took care of me”. Then, Tak Jae-hoon made Seol In-ah feel embarrassed after saying, “I won’t promote your drama”.

Also appearing on stage as a presenter at the 2021 SBS Entertainment Awards for the Top Excellent Program Award, Kim Gu-ra drew attention when he told Ji Seok-jin, “Ji Seok-jin is 4 years older than me but his wife is still young. Among comedians, Ji Seok-jin is well-known as an energetic person.” He continued, “If you’re willing to do so and work hard, isn’t that enough to make it possible?”, adding, “Your kid must be lonely since he’s already grown up. There are many pretty cakes here. Just set the atmosphere”

Celebrities’ controversial 2021 SBS Entertainment Awards

In response to these celebrities’ remarks, some viewers poured out criticism, saying “Their families were also watching the award ceremony. Did they have no other thing to say?”, “It’s not funny or meaningful at all”, “I felt uncomfortable because there were so many rude comments in the middle of the event”, “Those jokes are a little too much to be said in public”, “These jokes are really close to being considered sexual harassment”.

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