“Carter” Joo Won: “I did almost all of the action scenes which make you think ‘That was done by a stand-in, right?'”

Actor Joo Won showed extraordinary confidence in action scenes.

The press conference of Netflix’s “Carter” was held at JW Marriott Dongdaemun Grand Ballroom in Jongno-gu, Seoul at 11 AM on August 2nd. Actor Joo Won and director Jung Byung-gil attended the event to talk about the work.

“Carter” is a real-time action film in which Carter, who is put into a mysterious operation, must regain his identity and succeed in his mission within a given time. This Netflix work was created by director Jung Byung-gil, who received favorable reviews from global movie fans for “The Villainess”.

In this film, Joo Won plays the main character Carter, an ace agent who lost all his memory. He will present intensive action without playing it safe.

When asked “How much did you participate in the action scene filming?”, Joo Won replied, “I did almost all of the action scenes. Even scenes which make you think ‘That was done by a stand-in, right?’ Of course, my body double did a great job, too. However, what actors do and what an action team does are different, so I took risks and filmed them.”

Regarding this, director Jung Byung-gil expressed his gratitude towards Joo Won, “Joo Won did a lot of parts himself. There’s a scene where he falls down from a tall building after being shot, and he directly filmed it. I was like ‘Should we use a body double for this?’, but I was grateful that he said he would willingly do it.”

At the same time, Joo Won made everyone burst into laughter by answering “Yes” without hesitation to MC Park Kyung-lim’s question “Have you ever regretted saying you would willingly do it?” He added, “When I went to the set, I thought ‘Will it be okay?’. However, with the consideration of the staff, I did many rehearsals and tested a lot until I felt safe.”

“Carter” will be released on Netflix on August 5th.

Source: wikitree

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