“Business Proposal” Actresses in Hanboks: Modern Kim Se Jeong vs. Delicate Seol In Ah 

Both Kim Se Jeong and Seol In Ah look gorgeous in hanboks. 

Kim Se Jeong and Seol In Ah are gaining huge popularity for their roles as the lead and second lead in buzzworthy drama “Business Proposal”. Playing office workers in “Business Proposal”, Kim Se Jeong and Seol In Ah are often dressed in modish and elegant workwear. So fans are curious about what they look like in historical stylings. 

Wearing the hanbok (traditional Korean dress), Kim Se Jeong and Seol In Ah give off different vibes but look equally pretty. 

Kim Se Jeong-Seol In Ah-

Seol In Ah was seen in hanbok when she starred in the historical drama “Mr. Queen”. She stood out with her gentle, delicate visuals and innocent smile. Her beauty and aura perfectly suit period dramas. 

As for Kim Se Jeong, in traditional clothes, she still looks cute and playful. Netizens also hope Kim Se Jeong gets cast in a historical drama one day to see more of her looks in hanboks. 

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