BTS’s V Receives Mixed Reactions for Appearing in Military Propaganda Video 

The recent appearance of BTS’s V in a pro-military propaganda video has garnered mixed reactions from fans. 

On April 17, BTS’s V drew attention for appearing in a video where he donned a set of military police combat uniform and participated in participating in urban combat shooting training. 

The strong gaze, fit form, and handsome visuals of V in the video earned a lot of admiration from fans and the public alike, and the keyword “CAPTAIN KOREA V” even started trending on SNS platform X (formerly Twitter). 

bts v military

However, amid all this praise for V’s latest cool look, some fans expressed concern, pointing out that the footage featuring V is a pro-military propaganda video. 

Many were disappointed about the male idol’s participation in such a sensitive content, while others were worried that V had no choice but to star in such a video, given his nationality and Korea’s nationalism.

At the same time, some also called out fellow fans for praising military uniforms and glorifying the army. 

Meanwhile, some fans defend V’s participation, stating that V has his personal beliefs and is just acting as a patriotic Korean person. According to them, South Korea is still a country at war, so non-Koreans should respect the idols’ duties to protect their country. 

Source: X, Krb

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