BTS’s Jungkook deleted personal Instagram with 52.4 million followers and opened SNS for his dog “Explosive response”

BTS's Jungkook, who is currently serving in the military, created an Instagram account for his pet dog, and it gathered nearly 3 million followers in just one day

On April 14th, Jungkook shared an unpublished photo of himself smiling brightly with his pet dog Bam to announce the opening of the Instagram account.

Jungkook, who is serving in the active-duty army, announced through the fan community on April 14th “Since I can’t brag about myself now, I’ll brag about my baby. Have a fun ‘Bam’ (night) from now on. Unity!“, revealing that he had created an SNS account for his pet dog Bam.

bts jungkook-bam

The posts on Bam’s account, which surpassed 200,000 followers immediately after Jungkook’s mention, consisted of seven photos of Bam. However, as of 11 AM on April 15th, about 13 hours after the announcement, the number of followers exceeded 2.78 million, approaching 3 million.

Bam’s SNS account only follows seven accounts, including BTS’s official account and the personal accounts of the other six members: RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin and V.

Prior to his military service, Jungkook unexpectedly deleted his personal Instagram account, which had around 52.4 million followers, in February last year.

bts jungkook-bam

Having enlisted in the army as an active-duty soldier in December last year, Jungkook chose to communicate with fans by opening an SNS account for his pet dog instead of using his personal account. Jungkook previously hinted at the possibility of creating an SNS account for Bam during a live broadcast before his enlistment.

Meanwhile, Jungkook is scheduled to be discharged in June 2025.

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