BTS’s Jimin selected as cute idol who suits Hyundai Casper advertisement the most

The poll titled “Which ‘cute’ idol suits the Hyundai Casper advertisement well?” saw BTS’s Jimin claiming the 1st place with 4,313 votes (50.10%).

Following BTS’s Jimin, NCT’s Haechan took the 2nd spot with 3,690 votes (42.9%), and ENHYPEN’s Sunoo secured the 3rd place with 437 votes (5.1%).

Continuing down the rankings, Son Dong-pyo grabbed the 4th position with 78 votes (0.9%), while aespa’s Winter and CRAVITY’s Hyeongjun shared the 5th place, each receiving 20 votes (0.2%).

Song Ha-young took the 7th spot with 15 votes (0.2%), and TXT’s Beomgyu followed at the 8th place with 11 votes (0.1%).

RIIZE’s Anton secured the 9th position with 8 votes (0.1%), and Kim Tae-rae claimed the 10th place with 5 votes (0.1%).

Source: Nate

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