BTS’s J-Hope praised for his cool reaction to an OT6’s poster 

Facing a heartbreaking situation at the group’s concert, this BTS member had a response that was both cool and on point!

For a long time, the reputation of BTS has extended far beyond the border of Korea. The group has the largest and most loyal fandom in the entertainment industry, with its scale stretching from Asia to Europe and America.  Although BTS always loves and respects ARMY, not all ARMYs share the same love equally for all BTS members.

The culture of “having a bias,” which means fans supporting certain members more than others, easily leads to the formation of a large number of individual fans, or akgaes within fandoms, especially a large fandom like ARMY. It’s for this reason that BTS occasionally experience many situations such as the case below.

J-Hope’s reaction when he saw the poster with his face removed

Specifically, during BTS’s performance at Lotte Duty Free Family Concert 2019, an OT6 fan (a fan supporting only 6 members) held up a poster in which J-Hope‘s face was removed. While walking around the stage to interact with fans, BTS’s dance machine seemed to have noticed this poster and reacted immediately.

He still had a smile on his face, but used his hand to make a heart shape and then broke it. J-Hope‘s actions seem to show that fan that “if you don’t like me, then leave”.

J-Hope’s reaction means, “Don't like me? Then bye!”
J-Hope’s reaction means, “Don’t like me? Then bye!”

J-Hope‘s calm expression and attitude in such an awkward situation created a stir among fans. The male idol is praised for how chill he was towards the rude fan. ARMYs think the way J-Hope was smiling and then lost the smile the next second is so cool and sexy of him. 

j-hope at Lotte Duty Free Family Concert 2019
j-hope at Lotte Duty Free Family Concert 2019

Many fans also left comments criticizing the rude behavior of OT6 fans when attending BTS‘s concert, saying that one should never show up at a group’s concert if they hate one of the members.

In addition, openly expressing hatred towards one member on posters and deliberately showing them to idols themselves is disrespectful. Not only J-hope, the other 6 BTS members could all see this poster. How would they feel if their fellow member was treated like that by a so-called fan? 

BTS is famous for their great teamwork. The members always see each other like real family members.
BTS is famous for their great teamwork. The members always see each other like real family members. 

Netizens’ reaction to this situation:

  • If I were there, I would have smacked that fan with their poster 
  • If you don’t love all 7 members of BTS, don’t call yourself an ARMY!
  • As a Hobi stan, I just want to fight that person
  • His reaction is exactly why I love him!
  • j-hope’s reaction is so charming!
  • How disrespectful! If you don’t like him, why go to a BTS’s concert? Why did you have to bring a poster with Hobi’s face crossed out?
  • That fan needs to know that their action only makes other members hate them, including their bias. How could you do that in front of BTS? Don’t you not know how much Bangtan loves each other?
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