BTS’s honorarium is 3 times more than that of BIG BANG and Song Joong Ki

In order to be able to invite BTS as their representatives, brands have to pay the honorarium 3 times higher than other top stars in Korea.

On June 5th, Sisa Press reported from a source in the commercial industry that BTS’s honorarium speedily rose in the past 2 years. In 2017, this number was 900 million won for 1 contract, but in 2019, the number has reached 3 billion won.

With this huge honorarium, BTS has surpassed all the top stars in South Korea. Among them, “figure skating queen” Kim Yuna was the highest paid star with 1,4 billion won per contract. Actor Song Joongki or BIGBANG also got about 1 billion won for 1 contract. Other veteran names such as Gong Yoo, Lee Young Ae or Wonbin receives about 800-900 million won per contract.

Sisa Press reports that BTS is currently the hottest commercial stars, not just in South Korea but also the international market. With such extraordinary effect from BTS, all brands are ensured that their products will sell out in no time. Many brands have to compete with each other to receive an approving nod from Big Hit, However, both BTS and Big Hit always consider carefully before agreeing to any contract in order to maintain a positive, friendly image which matches well with BTS’s rank.

Recently, BTS has successfully finished their concert at Wembley stadium in London. According to Insight’s report, BTS has made at least 20 billion won from 2 concert nights, which includes tickets, fan goods, and the live stream fee. The current total of 16 concert nights of the “Speak Yourself” tour from May 6th to now is estimated about 150 billion won.

Source: iOne

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