BLACKPINK members in the same frame with Western top stars: Not once overshadowed 

BLACKPINK creates buzz every time they are next to top celebs from the West. 

All four BLACKPINK members are global ambassadors for well-known luxury brands, so they often attend international fashion events and have the opportunity to meet Western top stars. Sharing the same frame with the most gorgeous actresses and models from the West, BLACKPINK members were not once overshadowed. 

Jennie Jisoo
BLACKPINK members at Paris Fashion Week 

Jennie recently attended Chanel’s show at the 2022 Paris Fashion Week and stunned in an off-shoulder mini dress that highlighted her chic visuals and superior body. Sitting front row at the show, Jennie was captured next to American actress Kristen Stewart. Jennie and Kristen Stewart drove fans wild because when the two sat side by side, the “girl-crush” charisma doubled. 

Jennie Kristen Stewart
Jennie at the front row of Chanel’s show 
Jennie Kristen Stewart
Jennie was sitting next to Kristen Stewart
Jennie Kristen Stewart
Jennie and Kristen Stewart’s beauty captured with a phone camera
Jennie Kristen Stewart
Jennie and Kristen Stewart’s chic aura

When she attended Saint Laurent’s show at the 2022 Paris Fashion Week, Rosé sat next to world-famous supermodel Kate Moss. The two were even spotted talking to each other comfortably. And of course, their beauty and aura in the same frame stunned.

Rose Kate Moss
Rosé was talking to Kate Moss
Rose Kate Moss
Rosé and Kate Moss stuns with their aura in a black and white shot
Rose Kate Moss
Rosé shone even when seated next to a legendary model 

Appearing at Dior’s show at this year’s Paris Fashion Week, Jisoo sat next to American actress Natalie Portman. Fans were mesmerized by the combination of Western and Asian beauty when two-shots of Jisoo and Natalie Portman were released. Natalie Portman also showed that she was fond of Jisoo as she posted the pictures with Jisoo on Instagram.

blackpink jisoo
Natalie Portman and Jisoo created a visual explosion at Dior’s show
Jisoo Natalie Portman
They are the epitome of Western and Asian traditional beauty
Jisoo Natalie Portman
Jisoo and Natalie Portman were also talking to each other while watching the show

Earlier this year, when Lisa attended Bvlgari’s event in France, she shared the same frame with American actress Anne Hathaway. Both dressed in yellow, the two’s doll-like beauty sent the Internet into a frenzy. They both exuded luxury when wearing Bvlgari jewelry pieces. 

blackpink lisa - anne hathaway
Lisa and Anne Hathaway stunned in bright yellow outfits 
lisa 07062022
Both Lisa and Anne Hathaway looked like “living dolls”
Lisa Anne Hathaway
Lisa and Anne Hathaway quickly became close 

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