BTS was unexpectedly asked about their thoughts on the collab between BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga: RM and SUGA’s smart answers!

BTS has held online interviews to promote the new single – Dynamite – as well as interviews revolving around Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK.

 As soon as Dynamite was released, 7 boys of BTS had to rush into the special interactive promoting schedule for this song with the determination to bring the song to the highest possible position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.  In the recent online interview with ET, BTS unexpectedly received questions about Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK. Their answers made fans love and admire them even more.

Specifically, when the ET reporter asked, “You once told me that Lady Gaga is truly a “Queen “. What do you think about the collaboration between Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK?”.

  Leader RM immediately replied fluently in English: “The whole album is really great. It is difficult to stop listening to every song of this album. She is always a ‘Queen’.”

  As can be seen, RM really likes Lady Gaga’s latest album – Chromatica – and he also had a smart answer when asked about BLACKPINK by praising all the songs on the album, including Sour Candy, a collab song of the YG’s girl group with “Mother Monster.

  SUGA then added in Korean: “Just a few years ago, a collaboration between a Korean artist and an American artist rarely happened. It’s good that today we can see more of these collabs. I think it’s really great that we could become one through music.”

  This is a very clever answer when RM and SUGA did not directly mention BLACKPINK because it might have caused unnecessary controversies. Especially when Dynamite of BTS is released only a week before Ice Cream of BLACKPINK featuring Selena Gomez, which can easily lead to controversy and comparison of the two most powerful fandoms today. Besides, the Big Hit boys are also looking forward to working with Lady Gaga in the future – which is totally possible by looking at their current abilities and potential!

Sources: k14

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