BTS V suspected of mentioning BLACKPINK Jennie in his solo song

Some lyrics from BTS V’s upcoming solo album have evoked a lot of speculations related to BLACKPINK Jennie.

On August 8th, BTS V revealed the tracklist for his solo album, “Layover”. It is known that “Layover” involves the creative director of Min Hee Jin – who is behind NewJeans’ sensational concept, and consists of a total of 6 tracks, including a piano version. 

Amid high anticipation for V’s solo release, however, some netizens pay attention to one specific detail 

bts v album
BTS V will release his solo album, “Layover” on September 8th

In particular, certain lyrics from a b-side track, “For Us”, are suspected of hinting at V’s rumored lover, BLACKPINK Jennie. Previously in May 2023, V and Jennie made headlines as a paparazzi allegedly spotted them taking a stroll together in Paris, and even now, their agencies have neither denied nor confirmed such rumors. 

The lyrics of V’s “For Us” is suspected of mentioning BLACKPINK Jennie

Specifically, the lyrics of “For Us” include the following lines: “Now you’re in California. I’m still waiting for us. Will you change your mind. I would give it all up. For us.” 

According to netizens, Jennie has a home in LA – a city in California, and has revealed a comfortable presence whenever she stays there. Therefore, it is evident that California holds special significance for Jennie.

Jennie had shared about her home in LA and showcased a comfortable side there 

As a result, they speculate that the lyrics of “For Us” is V’s message to Jennie. The line “I’m still waiting for ‘us'” is suspected to be V’s way of confirming his relationship and his willingness to “give up everything.”

In addition to “For Us”, a promotional image of V for his solo album “Layover” also aroused speculations. Particularly, the male idol can be seen wearing a Foundrae necklace, an alleged “matching accessory” he has with Jennie. In the past, both V and Jennie have been seen wearing Foundrae necklaces on several occasions, netizens said. 

bts v
V’s Foundrae necklace is said to be a “matching accessory” with Jennie

Reacting to these suspicions, however, netizens have been showing a rather mixed reaction. While many believe in V’s alleged “hidden message” to Jennie, others maintain that all of the above “evidence” holds little weight.

Source: K14

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