BTS RM’s “Boyfriend material photo” goes viral

A photo of BTS leader RM is making ARMY’s hearts flutter.

RM uploaded the original photo after finishing rehearsal the day before the Seoul final concert of ‘Love Yourself: Speak Yourself’ in October 2019, two years ago. The original was monotone, but an overseas fan updated the colored version and you can see the whole boyfriend material he is.

BTS RM’s “Boyfriend material photo” goes viral

ARMY couldn’t help making some beautiful POVs around this picture and made an old photo go viral.

BTS RM’s “Boyfriend material photo” goes viral

Global fans are making sweet lines that would appear in highteen romance novels such as: “Your boyfriend waiting to walk you home , after school” “I’ll wait till u go in. Go” ”Hey are you busy?” “Not really, why?” “Look outside”.

“just say you love me one more time” “i’m so sorry… Did you wait long?” “kinda but it’s okay. I like spending time on you.” “pov: it’s your birthday and you get a call at 11:55 to come outside” 

Korean netizens also enjoy this viral photo. “I didn’t know that RM’s ‘boyfriend photo’ would go universally viral” and “I wish I could learn how to use English dating expressions.”

Meanwhile, BTS set a record for the first Asian singer ranking first on the US Billboard Singles Chart for 4 consecutive weeks with their second English song ‘Butter’, released on the 21st last month.

Source: Nate

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