BTS j-hope’s letter for Parents’ Day, “Thank you for giving birth and raising me”

A letter written by BTS j-hope to his parents in celebration of Parents’ Day, during his military service, has been revealed.

On May 7th, the Korean Army’s communication service app “The Camp” posted photos of trainees holding letters for their parents in celebration of Parents’ Day on May 8th.

BTS j-hope

j-hope, who joined the Army’s 36th Division new recruit training center in Wonju, Gangwon Province on April 18th was also captured. In the photo, the male idol can be seen smiling while holding a personally decorated letter with his buzz-cut hairstyle.

In his letter, j-hope wrote, “Dear Mom and Dad, I am greeting you on Parents’ Day. Thank you for giving birth to me and raising me. I love you. Your son, Hoseok.”

j-hope’s filial piety has always been well known. In 2016, the BTS album, “WINGS”, featured a solo song titled “MAMA”, which is a song expressing love for his mother.

BTS j-hope

The lyrics of “MAMA”, written and composed by j-hope, include lines such as “Crazy for dance

I tightened my mom’s belt”, “Without paying any concern, she floated the small boat of dreams”,  “My mom’s strength at the time was a breaking ball to me”, “Hey mama, now you can lean on me, I’ll always be by your side”, and “I will become a flower and become your own flower path”, evoking tears. 

It is known that at the 46-second mark of the song, when the lyrics say, “Through the phone

I could hear my mom’s voice clearly”, the responding sound of “Hello?” is j-hope’s mother’s actual voice. 

Meanwhile, j-hope’s expected discharge date from the military is October 17th, 2024.

Source: Nate

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