BTOB Im Hyunsik ran into a “special” celebrity on the street, bringing laughter

Im Hyunsik, a member of boy group BTOB, made netizens laugh by recalling his chance encounter with a “special” celebrity.

On the 17th, Im Hyunsik posted a photo on his SNS account with the caption, “Ran into Eunkwang while walking.”

In the released photo, BTOB member Seo Eunkwang was sitting by the window of a restaurant. He was surprised to see Im Hyunsik, who was passing by, while eating.

Eunkwang boasted a shocked expression as he pointed his finger towards Im Hyunsik, who’s behind the camera. In addition, his casual styling, which was unlike his usual glamorous stage persona, caught the eye. Dressed in a casual white T-shirt, with black hair and no makeup, Eunkwang showed a friendly charm.


Upon seeing this, netizens couldn’t hold their laughter and left comments such as, “They really ran into each other accidentally like this”, “No wonder they’re in the same group”, “That must have been really surprising”, and so on.

Source: Wikitree

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