Chaeyeon Confessed She Used To Have Feelings For Kim Jong-kook 

Chaeyeon confessed her feelings she had towards her past on-screen lover Kim Jong-kook.

On the latest episode of SBS’s variety show “My Little Old Boy,” which aired on October 8th, singer Chaeyeon recalled her past fling.

Chaeyeon Kim Jong-kook

On the show, Danny Ahn asked, “Anything happened when you two were together for 12 hours? There were even a lot of snow during the drama scene.” Chaeyeon recalled working with Kim Jong-kook in the past, saying, “It’s true that I had feelings, at least for that moment.

It turned out that Chaeyeon met Kim Jong-kook, who was a star at the time, when she was 19 years old, on a “Star Date” before her debut. 

Chaeyeon Kim Jong-kook

“I have a scene that I remember the most,” Chaeyeon said. “Since I went abroad a lot by plane, there was a guy who took care of me even though there were many staff, so I thought he had feelings for me.

Chaeyeon continued, “I was on the plane for the final time, and the guy sat next to me and we ate together,” adding, “When I fell asleep, he put a blanket on me because I looked cold.” “ At the end, he held my hand in the blanket. I pretended to sleep and stayed still, and it ended there,” she recalled the movie-like memories.

When asked if the opponent was still single, Chaeyeon confessed, “I don’t know, I won’t say it in more detail,” and gave a pleasant hint, “He is Korean.” When asked to send a video letter to the man on the plane, Chaeyeon said, “You’ve been doing well, right? Thank you for giving me a scene like a summer dream. Love needs timing, I don’t know what would happen if we had the right timing, but I’ll keep it as a good memory. Live well.

Sources: Nate

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