Broadcaster Lucky apologized to ‘Squid Game’ actor Anupam Tripathi for not answering the DM message he sent 5 years ago

Indian broadcaster of “South Korean Foreigners” Lucky apologized to Anupam Tripathi, the actor who plays Ali in ‘Squid Game’.

The broadcast of MBC Every1’s entertainment program “South Korean Foreigners” to be aired on November 17th will feature a special episode called “Actors who live by making people laugh”. It is said that the Korean team consisting of comedy actors Kim Min-kyo, Song Jin-woo and Jung Hyuk, and rapper Prhyme, the former leader of Moogadang, will play a quiz, stimulating the viewers’ interest.

 South Korean Foreigners

During the broadcast, MC Kim Yong-man told Lucky, “I think you have been participating in a lot of programs doing things and cooking”. Lucky drew laughter by answering, “I have to work hard. Due to the popularity of ‘Squid Game, I have recently been pushed behind to be the second Indian man in Korea”.

South Korean Foreigners

When Kim Yong-man asked, “Have you met Anupam?”, Lucky said, “He sent me a DM 5 years ago, but I didn’t reply to him. I was doing my job so well at that time”, and made everyone laugh at his being so careless. After that, he made everyone burst into laughter again because of his little joke while filming a video letter to Anupam.

South Korean Foreigners

The quiz of “South Korean Foreigners” will airs at 8:30 P.M on November 17th.

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