“Boys Planet” to air in 2023, “thanks to Kep1er’s success, the number of applicants greatly increased” 

Male trainees from all over the world are applying to appear in the Mnet survival show “Boys Planet” 

Boys Planet” is the 2nd season of “Girls Planet 999” – the Mnet survival program that created girl group Kep1er, who, within a short period, has established themselves as a representative rookie of the Kpop 4th generation. With the broadcast set to begin in the first half of next year, the members of the finalist group will debut within 2023.

“Boys Planet” will be receiving its first round of applications until August 21st, 2022. Instead of being limited to only East Asian nations Korea, Japan, and China, the program accepts applicants from Europe, America, Oceania, and the Middle East, and has since gained the interest of boys from 63 countries and regions, including countries like the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

In addition, more than 105 agencies around the world, including Korea, have confirmed their support for the show. Previously, a global voting session held during the broadcast of “Girls Planet 999” has recorded a cumulative 12,973,000 votes from 175 countries and regions around the world, promising high popularity for “Boys Planet” next year as well.  Kep1er, the finalist group from “Girls Planet 999”, also drew great attention and became a representative 4th generation Kpop girl group.

The number of applicants for ‘Boys Planet’ has increased significantly compared to ‘Girls Planet’ due to the global popularity of ‘Girls Planet’ and the success of Kep1er, so the production team is also fully prepared for the program, with full faith in the passion of our applicants”, Mnet said.

With about 15 days left until the application deadline for ‘Boys Planet’, the Mnet crew mentioned helpful information for applicants. The production team emphasized: “While ‘Boys Planet’ considers the potential and star quality of applicants as important, other elements such as the charm, talent, and passion are also crucial. Therefore, applicants should make self-introduction videos that fully utilizes their own charms to improve the chance of being accepted. Moreover, since ‘Boys Planet’ aims to debut a Kpop group, it is vital for global applicants to appeal not only their singing/dance/rap skills for the K-pop genre, but also their passion for K-pop and their earnest desire to debut.”

“Boys Planet”, which goal is to produce a new global Kpop boy group, is open to application by 

all males born before January 1, 2010, regardless of nationality, agencies or no agencies, and level of experiences in the industry. The first round of application is open from June 27th to August 21st. 

Source: daum

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