“Born-To-Be-Idol”Jang Won-young Went Viral Again For Her Various Reactions At MMA 2023

IVE’s Jang Won-young can indeed go viral for anything she does

The “Melon Music Awards” (hereinafter referred to as MMA 2023) was held at Inspire Arena in Incheon on December 2 and broadcast live on Melon and Wavve.

At this event, while artists were performing on stage or accepting awards, other singers’ reactions were also captured on the scene in real time. As the stage and the auditorium were close, fans could witness their idols’ expressions and reactions with their own eyes.

Thanks to this, Jang Won-young, nicknamed “expression genius,” have her reactions captured several times, drawing attention from online communities and channels. Jang Won-young showed off her “born-to-be-idol” side with her variety of reactions. The idol captured the camera accurately and made eye contact, winking, making a hand heart, singing along with the songs, doing little dances. Her every move captured fans’ hearts.

Jang Won-young showed off perfect visuals, overflowing talent, charm, and skills at MMA 2023, living up to her “born-to-be-idol” nickname.

Source: nate

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