Bona shared, “I don’t often cry, but I kept on crying nonstop while at the filming site of ‘Twenty-five Twenty-one’”

Kim Ji-yeon (Bona) revealed her sensuous aura through the new photoshoot.

On March 18th, King Kong by Starship released several new photoshoot images of Kim Ji-yeon (Bona), who plays the role of Ko Yu-rim in tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Twenty-five Twenty-one”, in the April issue of the magazine “Elle”.  


In the released photos, Bona exuded a neat and sophisticated atmosphere on the black&white background. She completed the photoshoot with a restrained pose and expression using the fencing equipment of Yu-rim in “Twenty-five Twenty-one”.

Bona’s gaze at the camera revealed the firm and passionate inner side of her character in the drama, leaving a deep impression on the viewers.


In an interview that followed the photoshoot filming, Bona shared her thoughts on the charms of acting, saying, “I don’t often cry. However, I kept crying at the filming site, even in the scenes where I was not supposed to cry. I didn’t know that I would cry this much. It’s so interesting seeing myself and my emotions popping out without realizing it while acting”.


When asked about the meaning of youth delivered through the work, Bona said, “‘Twenty-five Twenty-one’ causes me to ‘manipulate my memories’. The story in the drama gives me the feeling of the old days in my childhood”.

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