BoA’s agency SM Entertainment declared war against malicious commenters, “We will take strict legal measures with no mercy”

In a press release on September 21st, SM Entertainment said, “Malicious postings, comments, defamation, and personality insults are being indiscriminately posted on BoA’s personal SNS account and distributed in various online communities, SNS, and portal sites”, adding “They are clearly illegal and can be subject to strong legal action. In order to protect the artist’s personality and honor, we are already collecting data and preparing to file a lawsuit against illegal activities that are taking place online. We will also take strict civil and criminal legal measures with no mercy.”

The agency continued, “In addition, we will continue to monitor and take legal action to protect our artists. In the future, our agency will respond to such illegal acts with strong legal measures.”

BoA Street Man Fighter

Meanwhile, BoA posted on her official SNS account earlier on the same day, saying “The judges didn’t even pick the battle teams… If Bank Two Brothers crew was eliminated, would it (criticism) be less serious?… It’s tiring thinking of things that will turn out to be like this every time”. It seems like the singer was expressing her frustration after enduring malicious comments that poured out after Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” aired on September 20th. 

On this broadcast, the results of the Global K-dance Mission were revealed. BoA and other judges had to decide on the winner in the battle between the two dance crews Prime Kingz and Bang Two Brothers, which ranked 7th and 8th place in the mission. As a result of the best-of-five elimination battle, Prime Kingz lost due to the decision agreed by the three judges BoA, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and 2PM Wooyoung.

BoA Street Man Fighter

BoA then expressed her sincere consolation to Prime Kingz, but the viewers still got angry at the elimination of such a strong crew. In particular, many fans pointed out the fact that the three judges all gave abstention votes and tried to make the dancers do a rematch despite the amazing performance of Prime Kingz leader Trix. 

Some criticized, “Wasn’t it weird to make an abstention vote in the leader battle?”, “To be honest, Trix overwhelmed his opponent. Why did they even add a rematch?”, “It was a forced tie”, “Did they carry out a rematch to gain more footage for the show? I don’t understand why they could make abstention votes”, etc. 

After the broadcast, many netizens flocked to BoA’s Instagram account and posted comments protesting her judging. In addition, the number of people who participate in writing comments containing personal attacks is also increasing rapidly.


Some questioned whether BoA’s expertise is enough to be the judge on “Street Man Fighter”, saying “Why does she continue to be the judge? You still don’t know why?”, “I can’t believe she can still evaluate other people”, etc. Many comments with harsh words are still being posted on BoA’s SNS account.

Some even demanded BoA’s withdrawal from the program, saying “A person who doesn’t have enough qualifications to be a judge came out and ruined the whole program. I’m speechless”, “Please don’t appear on ‘Street Man Fighter’ anymore”, etc.

BoA eventually spoke up as she couldn’t endure the criticism anymore. Following Mnet’s program “Street Woman Fighter”, which aired last year, BoA is appearing on “Street Man Fighter” as a judge. 

Source: Daum

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