BLACKPINK’s Lisa Shunned By Friends? Possible Break-up With Rumored Boyfriend

Chinese netizens are paying close attention to BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s every move and raising speculations. 

Lisa of BLACKPINK has been the center of attention in public discourse recently, entangled in suspicions of being “erased” in the Chinese entertainment industry after her performance at Crazy Horse Paris.

Now, Chinese netizens are even speculating that Lisa has gone separate ways with her rumored billionaire boyfriend, while being shunned by friends amid the tumult.

So, why exactly did these speculations arise?

Shunned by friends

Amid the intense controversy that follows her Crazy Horse performance, Lisa was spotted going shopping at a fashion store in Korea. Just a day later, the female idol posted a picture of her pet dog on Instagram, seemingly in a comfortable state and unaffected by negative information.

blackpink lisa
Lisa spotted shopping in Korea amid controversies
lisa blackpink-ig post

However, Chinese media seems to have a different perspective. Sohu, in particular, published an article offering its viewpoint on Lisa’s actions.

“This simple photo seems to be filled with deep meaning and evokes many associations. Is it possible that Lisa is now alone, without true friends, and only has this loyal pet dog as her companion?”, the article reads, adding, “This image makes many feel sorry, while also prompting reflection on whether a once-famous star also has to face loneliness and helplessness. This situation could be a significant challenge in life, and we hope Lisa can face it courageously, find sincere friendships, and no longer feel alone.”

The article went on to state, “Industry friends who were once close to her seem to be avoiding Lisa, and few interact with her. Even those who used to accompany her frequently have become strangers. Looking at this change, one cannot help but wonder if Lisa is being shunned.”

Of course, there have been many that accused Sohu of exaggerating the situation and drawing conclusions out of nothing, but the media site’s words still instill anxiety.

Earlier, just two days before rumors of Lisa being “banned” in the Chinese entertainment industry, online communities shared images of Lisa at a Colorplace center (which specializes in personal color analysis) and taking photos with experts there.

On their social media page, Colorplace shared: “A few days ago, a world-famous star visited us. I was surprised to see that she looked even more beautiful in person. She has a petite face. A world-famous star with a gentle and elegant autumn color tone has appeared. During the consultation, her actions were very kind and cute, making me laugh. Let’s guess who the world-famous star who came to visit us might be?”

Lisa visiting a personal color analysis center a few days before rumors of Lisa being “erased” in the Chinese entertainment industry
Lisa visiting a personal color analysis center a few days before rumors of Lisa being “erased” in the Chinese entertainment industry

Lisa didn’t go to France for her boyfriend’s birthday

November 7th was the birthday of Lisa’s rumored boyfriend, Frédéric Arnault, leading to many people paying attention to Lisa, curious to see if she would travel to France to attend the billionaire’s birthday. However, no images of Lisa at the airport or in France leaked on social media, fueling rumors that she has indeed “gone separate ways” with the rumored boyfriend.

Lisa blackpink Frederic Arnault thumbnail
Lisa is rumored not to have gone to France for her rumored boyfriend’s birthday, resulting in breakup rumors

Will Lisa continue to lay low with her schedule amid controversies and Will she renew with YG?

During this sensitive period, even the smallest move by Lisa is garnering immense interest from the public. Many wonder what Lisa is doing and where she is amidst the storm and persistent negative rumors. 

In addition, the status of Lisa’s contract renewal with YG still hasn’t been announced, making Lisa the focal point of attention and subject to scrutiny on social media. Some speculate that Lisa will continue to “lay low” until the turmoil settles down. 

Source: Sohu

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