BlackPink’s faces blurred out in red on the stage of MAMA 2017

BlackPink fandom are extremely angry about this.

The last show night of MAMA 2017 week in Hong Kong just ended a few hours ago. The final results are, TWICE, BTS and EXO together shared 3 most important Daesang awards: Song of the year, Artist of the year and Album of the year. However, the “festive” atmosphere of 3 nights of MAMA which lasted over the week was not as expected because there was no YG idols to appear.

The poor relationship between YG and Mnet is not a strange thing anymore. Therefore, that G-Dragon missed the Best Male Artist award at MAMA Japan (29 Nov) was predictable. And recently, there was one more issue that made the audiences believe that Mnet purposely played on YG: BlackPink’s faces were blurred out in red on the stage screen of MAMA Hong Kong

mama 2017, blackpink, faces blurred
BlackPink’s faces blurred out in red on the stage screen of MAMA

During the performance of Jung Sewoon, photos of all girl groups that were nominated for The best female groups in turrn appeared on the screen and the audiences were very surprised when BlackPink’s faces were blurred out in red when their photos appeared.

Korean people never write names in red. They consider this as a bad luck. They think that only dead people’ names are written in red, so this is a taboo to write names in red when you visit Korea.

Fans believe Mnet has purposely blurred out the girls’ faces due to their poor relationship with YG Entertainment. Comments of anger stated, “THEY DON’T DESERVE THIS DISRESPECT”, “How could you blur those beautiful faces???“, “I know that YG and Mnet have a beef going on for years now, but it’s never right to attack one of YG’s groups, like how low can @MnetMAMA get #BLACKPINKREDFACE.

Until now, Mnet as well as YG haven’t made any statements about this issue.

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