BLACKPINK under controversy for unprofessional concert performances during world tour

Will BLACKPINK continue to meet 1.5 million fans like this? 

Performance is definitely the top priority in idol groups’ concerts. But has BLACKPINK forgotten its importance? The group is at the center of criticism from both domestic and international netizens for not being able to perform even the basic choreography properly.

Blackpink concert dallas

BLACKPINK is going on their world tour “BORN PINK” that started in October 2022 and will last until June 2023. YG Entertainment announced that BLACKPINK’s world tour has the largest scale of any K-pop girl group, and heated up a massive publicity campaign.

According to YG, BLACKPINK’s first world tour in 3 years plans to attract more than 1.5 million people in 26 cities and 4 continents. The list of stops for the tour has been finalized until June next year.

Blackpink concert dallas

BLACKPINK’s world tour started in Seoul last October. As BLACKPINK is currently in charge of generating the highest sales for YG, they will be focusing on touring this year and next year.

However, is YG the only one willing to carry out a large-scale tour? Because looking at BLACKPINK members on stage, it is difficult to see their passion to perform.  

After BLACKPINK’s world tour began, videos of netizens complaining about the members’ choreography completeness appeared online. Contrary to the reputation that BLACKPINK has, a controversy has erupted that the members on stage looked like they were unprepared. It is a more serious situation because this is a reaction from fans who went to the concerts, not from malicious commenters.

The fact that BLACKPINK, not a vocal group, did not properly memorize their own choreography means that they did not keep the basic manners for their concerts. If BLACKPINK, a group that has been focusing on performance and visuals since debut, is now weak in performance, then they have lost the group’s identity.

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Some argue that BLACKPINK’s excessive schedule is to blame. In particular, concerns for Jisoo’s health grew as photos of a large bump on her neck spotted at the concerts were spread. However, YG has confirmed that Jisoo’s health doesn’t have any abnormalities.

blackpink jisoo lymph nodes concert

In fact, it is pointed out that BLACKPINK’s choreography mistakes are constantly appearing. Since before this world tour, this issue has been steadily rising as the target of criticism for each member.

If the lack of practice time is the cause of choreography mistakes, then it is YG Entertainment’s fault. Rather than extracting figures related to the world tour and revealing them as results, YG should have taken care of their artist’s performances. If there were members who made mistakes even in the basic choreography, they should have greatly increased the amount of practice.

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It is necessary for YG to reduce the members’ participation in overseas schedules, especially luxury brand events, and to make them aware of the need for concert practice.

If not, it seems that BLACKPINK needs to wake up for their world tour. BLACKPINK is a girl group that YG thoroughly planned. From BLACKPINK’s music, choreography, to styling, everything is the colors of YG, the company has given them splendid star treatment from the start.

blackpink concert

BLACKPINK rose to the ranks of world-famous stars at an astonishing speed, and they have maintained that level steadily without going downhill.

If a world tour was considered by the artist to be simply repeating the process of getting on and off the stage according to the setlist order, concert attendees could not be satisfied, especially when the concert ticket price is not cheap at all.


At a press conference ahead of the world tour, Jisoo said, “We are preparing hard with the determination to go all out.” Jennie confidently said, “We thought a lot about it because it’s been a long time since we did a tour. We are preparing a lot of new things.”

However, unlike the popularity that BLACKPINK currently enjoys, the members’ preparation has undermined the title of world tour. If they do not do their main job properly, it is difficult to extend the period of their validity even if they have been selected as models for global luxury brands right now.

The vitality of BLACKPINK, which has gone 7 years into their debut, depends on BLACKPINK themselves.

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