BLACKPINK reveals trailer for their comeback project “BORN PINK”… YG, “It will be a grand comeback that can be considered the ‘best one of all time’”

BLACKPINK’s comeback roadmap has been unveiled.

On August 1st, YG Entertainment uploaded the trailer videoBLACKPINK – ‘BORN PINK’ ANNOUNCEMENT TRAILER” on their official blog and channels.

The released video contained the information “August PRE-RELEASE SINGLE”, “September ALBUM RELEASE”, and “October WORLD TOUR BEGINS”.

The video also shows a drop of pink water flowing down from a sharp fang and spreading quickly. In addition, the background music with a dreamy beat gave off a powerful and addictive vibe.

The name of the project is “BORN PINK”. It made fans curious about the unique identity of BLACKPINK, who are expected to show off a high-level aura. 

blackpink born pink

With the impressive name of the comeback project revealed and the information that there would be double title songs, global fans are already having high expectations. 

It’s been about a year and 10 months since BLACKPINK’s last comeback as a whole group. Above all, two music videos invested with the highest production cost in the history of YG will be presented.

YG said, “In addition to the released schedule, many special moves and activities have been prepared to match the status of BLACKPINK, a global top star. The members are determined to repay the love they received from global fans.”

The agency added, “We hope you would look forward to more information on the new songs and BLACKPINK’s performances in the future. It will be a really big project, which is not exaggerated to call it the ‘best’ one of all time.”

Source: naver

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