BLACKPINK Jennie’s tremendous status in YG shown in new episode of “The Game Caterers”

BLACKPINK’s Jennie showed her tremendous status at her agency YG Entertainment. 

YG Family’s Eun Ji-won (Sechskies), Chan-hyuk (Akdong Musician), Kim Jin-woo, Kang Seung-yoon, Song Mino (WINNER), Kim Jin-hwan, Song Yoon-hyung (iKON), Jennie (BLACKPINK), Choi Hyun-seok, and Ji-hoon (TREASURE) appeared on tvN’s “The Game Caterers 2,” which aired on February 25th.

AKMU’s Chan-hyuk, who arrived first, said he joined the company in 2013, adding, “I’m still awkward with my colleagues. I have few reasons to meet them.” PD Na Young-seok placed the guests in the order of their debut, followed by WINNER, iKON, and TREASURE. WINNER’s Song Mino and Kim Jin-woo, debuting four months later than AKMU, sat on the right side of Chan-hyuk. 


Then, when BLACKPINK Jennie came in, everyone stood up and clapped their hands. Jennie waved her hand, saying, “Why are you like this? Stop guys,” and Na Young-seok, who saw it, said, “Why did you all stand up? What status does she really have in YG?” showing his surprise. Jennie also took the center position even though her debut was later than iKON’s. 

Eun Ji-won, the last person to appear, confessed, “It’s my first time seeing Jennie,” and iKON Yoon-hyung also asked for a handshake, saying it was his first time seeing Jennie as well and confirming that she was a “celebrity of celebrities.” 

Kim Jin-woo, who had been a trainee since 2010, said, “I’ve seen her a lot,” and Jennie, who entered as a trainee in the same year as him, also talked about their friendship, saying, “Oppa is the person I know the longest.” As for Song Mino, she said, “He came in a little late. I only remember Jin-woo oppa. I didn’t see him (Song Mino) much,” drawing laughter. 

The singers also mentioned living in the dorm. iKON said they are still living in the dorm, and so are WINNER, except for Song Mino. TREASURE said, “We live in rooms of four in our accommodation. We are satisfied with using each room,” he said. WINNER’s Jin-woo and Mino said, “You’re using separate rooms? When we were young, we slept on the floor.”

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