“Big Mouth” survived while the ratings of weekend dramas plummeted due to the Chuseok holiday 

Dramas also suffered due to the holiday season. 

While the viewer ratings of almost all broadcasts dropped sharply during the Chuseok holiday, only MBC’s drama “Big Mouth” maintained its rating in the 10% range and ranked No.1 among weekend miniseries. On the other hand, tvN’s “Little Women” recorded the lowest figure in episode 3, and JTBC’s “The Good Detective 2” also fell significantly from 6% to 4%.

During Korea’s national holidays, such as Chuseok and New Year, a lot of special programs and movies are aired. Even if there is no special program, many people gather with their family members or go out with friends so it may be difficult for them to watch TV. That’s why dramas are often canceled on holidays.

big mouth

During the Chuseok holiday this year, all weekend dramas were aired as scheduled, except for MBC’s daily series “A Secret House”. This was good news for drama fans, but of course, the rating performances of these dramas showed significant drops.

With only one month ahead of its last episode, “The Good Detective 2” fell to the range of 4% in episode 13. Since the drama was organized as a late-night broadcast at 10:30 p.m, it was somewhat hard for family members to gather and watch it. In this episode, Kim Hyo-jin appeared as the final villain and revealed her vicious side as the person who even manipulated the memory of her mother’s death and attacked Park Gun-hyung (Jeong In-beom). The poor performance due to the holiday caused great regret. Fortunately, the rating of episode 14 recovered and recorded 5.9%.

The Good Detective

Little Women” suffered the same situation. The drama, which started at 6,4% in the first episode and soared to 7.7% in the second broadcast, recorded the lowest rating of 5.6% in episode 3, which aired on Chuseok day (September 10th).

The September 9th broadcast of “Today’s Webtoon” failed to keep the viewers although it was aired right after the No.1 Chuseok special – “Kim Ho-joong’s Hangawi Show”. Its 10th episode, which was aired between two Chuseok special movies, also stayed at 1.9%.

Little Women

“Big Mouth” also faced a crisis. The 13th episode, which aired on September 9th, recorded 8.3%, which is the lowest viewer rating record since episode 3 due to the airing of JTBC’s “Hidden Singer 7 – Song Ga-in’s Special” and “Kim Ho-joong’s Hangawi Show”. However, its rating chart recovered to the range of 10% in episode 14. It was the plot twists, such as the death of the real Big Mouse Noh Park (Yang Hyung-wook) and that the second-in-command of Big Mouse organization was revealed to be Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-seok)’s friend Kim Soon-tae (Oh Eui-shik), that raised the tension of the story and increased the viewers’ immersion. Moreover, the confrontation between Park Chang-ho, who pretended to be killed and deceived Choi Do-ha (Kim Joo-heon), and Choi Do-ha, who expressed his madness by murdering Chairman Kang (Jeon Guk-hwan) to take revenge for his grandfather, raised the viewers’ curiosity about the ending of the drama.

Except for “Today’s Webtoon”, weekend dramas that are doing well were put on hold for a while due to the holiday, but the upward trend in their rating performance is expected to continue. “Big Mouse” and “The Good Detective 2” have only two episodes left until the end. Meanwhile, “Little Women” recently revealed the fact that Jin Hwa-young (Choo Ja-hyun) lived a luxury life in Singapore under the name of Oh In-joo (Kim Go-eun), and Oh In-joo gave up 2 billion won and found 70 billion won, signaling an unpredictable development.

Source: Daum

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