“Big Mouth” reached its “self-best” 11.4% as Lee Jong-seok is locked in a psych ward after being kidnapped by an unknown assailant 

Lee Jong-seok was kidnapped by a mysterious man and kept in a mental hospital.

The 7th episode of MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Big Mouth” (written by Kim Ha-ram, directed by Oh Choong-hwan), which aired on August 19th, showed a shocking ending as Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-seok), who lost his will to fight after continuous bad news, was trapped in a mental hospital.

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Park Chang-ho, who lost Han Jae-ho (Lee Yoo-joon) to Yang Chun-sik (Song Kyung-chul), the highest-ranking in the prison, fought a war to regain him. After a war between the two forces in the absence of the prison chief, Park Chang-ho got the traitor Han Jae-ho. Han Jae-ho testified that there is a big name behind the unpublished paper of Seo Jae-yong (Park Hoon), who died, sparking curiosity.

After hearing the unexpected news, Park Chang-ho immediately met Yang Chun-sik to end the situation. Park Chang-ho’s fight inside the prison entered a new phase as it was revealed that all of this was a plan to bring the real Big Mouse to the world.

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Ko Mi-ho (Lim Yoon-ah), who was looking for the unpublished papers outside the prison, also found another suspicion hidden in Gucheon Hospital. Upon learning that patients in the cancer ward on the 7th floor were not only unable to receive cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but also autopsy and burial as well, Ko Mi-ho boldly collected blood from the body to find out the connection between the unpublished paper and the cancer ward on the 7th floor.

As Ko Mi-ho got closer to the truth, the threat against her also intensified. Ko Mi-ho, who did not lost the blood sample despite being attacked by a mysterious man who was aiming for her life, escaped the crisis safely with the help of Choi Do-ha (played by Kim Joo-heon), who suddenly appeared. She then sent the blood analysis to the Scientific Investigation Unit, once again showing her aspect as a problem solver.

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On the other hand, Park Chang-ho set up his own trap to catch the real Big Mouse who has driven his life into the gutter. While everyone’s attention was focused on who would be caught in the trap, Jerry (Kwak Dong-yeon) appeared in the camera installed by Park Chang-ho, surprising everyone. However, Park Chang-ho’s reasoning went back to square one when the video was revealed to have been manipulated by someone.

On top of that, Park Chang-ho could not hide his shock as someone believed to be Big Mouse sent Ko Mi-ho an eerie gift. Only Park Chang-ho, Ko Mi-ho, his father-in-law Ko Ki-kwang (Lee Ki-young), and his friend Kim Soon-tae (Oh Si-sik) knew about the camera. No matter how hard he struggled, Park Chang-ho could not hide his bitterness because he felt like he was going according to Big Mouse’s plan.

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In addition, due to Jerry’s betrayal, the threat surrounding Park Chang-ho doubled despite him coming out of prison. The first attempt to kidnap Ko Mi-ho, who came to see him at the right time, failed, but Park Chang-ho lost his consciousness while being escorted to the prison and was locked in a mental hospital at the hands of a mysterious man, amplifying the tension.

In particular, Gong Ji-hoon, who was pushed out of the NR Forum’s power hierarchy due to Big Mouse, ordered the kidnapping to avenge Park Chang-ho, giving him an idea of what to come. Many are curious to what will happen to Park Chang-ho’s fate amid the continuing bad news.

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Meanwhile, the series’ ratings reached 11.4% in the Seoul metropolitan area and 11.2% nationwide, once again breaking its own highest ratings and firmly maintaining its No. 1 spot among Friday and Saturday dramas. In particular, the scene where Park Chang-ho was taken to the hospital complaining of abdominal pain soared to 13.2% (Nielsen Korea), raising curiosity about the story’s future development.

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