Singer who Surpassed IU on Korean charts Once Threw Condoms at Fans?

BIBI, who recently surpassed IU to achieve Perfect All-kill on Korean charts, once drew attention for throwing... condoms.

Recently, female singer BIBI managed a seemingly impossible feat: surpassing IU to achieve “Perfect All-kill” in Korea (placing No.1 on all Korean charts).

bibi threw condom

As a result, BIBI’s past actions are being brought up again, including a time where she stunned people with “unique” fanservice when performing at the Head In The Clouds 2021 music festival.

Specifically, while performing the song “Why I”, BIBI suddenly rushed into the stands. The singer walked up to a fangirl in the front row, hugged the girl’s head, and gave her a kiss that made the Rose Bowl stadium explode.

singer bibi

If you’re wondering if it was BIBI’s most surprising behavior at HITC this year, the answer is “no”! While the crowd was still startled by the daring kiss she gave the fangirl, BIBI had an even more shocking action on the Cigarette And Condom stage!

Imagine what she did? She carried a bag full of …condoms, then threw them all down the stadium for the audience.

singer bibi
singer bibi

Some comments from netizens:

  • BIBI noticed that fangirl from the beginning. BIBI stared at her and walked straight over without hesitation to kiss her.
  • Oh my gosh BIBI kisses a girl and throws condoms at the audience! Don’t ask why I love her.
  • BIBI completely set the stage on fire! The whole stadium went crazy over that kiss and those condoms.
  • Looks cool but is it safe in the middle of this pandemic?

BIBI’s real name is Kim Hyung Seo, born in 1998. She was first known when she attended the show The Fan 2018. A year later, BIBI debuted with the single Binu. In August, BIBI was featured in the solo song “Second” by Hyoyeon (SNSD). The female singer’s latest product is the single PADO, released on September 10.

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