Bibi “I’m not close to men who have girlfriends”… “Red Velvet Joy’s boyfriend” Crush was bewildered 

Crush was bewildered when Red Velvet Joy was mentioned.

In episode 352 – special episode “Girl Crush” of JTBC’s entertainment show “Knowing Bros“, which aired on Oct 1st, Jaejae, Bibi and Crush appeared as guests.

On this day, Crush talked about his relationship with Bibi. He revealed that they worked on his album together.

At this time, Bibi made a bombastic remark, “I’m originally not close to men who have girlfriends.” Hearing this, Crush was bewildered.

The older brothers made everyone laugh as they asked Bibi, “How about men with wives?” and “What did you feel after working with a man in love once?”

Meanwhile, Crush, who was born in 1992 and is 31 years old this year, has been in a public relationship with Red Velvet Joy, who is 4 years younger than him, since August 2021.

Source: daum

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