Because of Penthouse, another drama with a disappointing ending is called out

Penthouse has constantly been called out due to its frustrating ending. 

Penthouse has officially come to an end after nearly 2 years of causing stirs in many Asian countries. Contrary to the audience’s expectations, the drama ended on a disappointing note when the scriptwriter Kim Soon Ok decided to make a sloppy ending for the couple Logan Lee and Shim Su Ryeon. Oh Yoon Hee was thought to come back to life, but she did not return as predicted by the audience.

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Because of Penthouse’s confusing ending, another drama is also dragged into the discussion for its disappointing ending, that is Hotel Del Luna .

At the time of its broadcast, Hotel Del Luna was a formidable opponent on the screen. With the fantasy genre, the script was written by the screenwriter sisters Hong. The lead characters are played by IU and Yeo Jin Goo. Hotel Del Luna used to have the highest viewership ratings on cable channels.

The drama is about Jang Man Wol who has to pay for her sins, and has been imprisoned in the Moonlight Hotel for millennia. Here, she holds the position of hostess and her customers are wandering ghosts. As time passed, Jang Man Wol met many people, they came and left, but it was Go Chan Seong who changed her life. Go Chan Seong is the new manager at Man Wol’s hotel, he also has the ability to see the past and understand her heart. In fact, they met 1300 years ago and their love story continues to this life.

Hotel Del Luna

But in the end, Jang Man Wol was sent off to the afterlife. Before saying goodbye, the two spent a happy time together. The moment Go Chan Seong saw his lover off to the entrance of the tunnel, then Jang Man Wol burst into tears and left, and Chan Seong also returned to New York, making viewers unable to hold back their tears, even attacking Hong writers for creating such a heartbreaking ending for the main couple.

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