Baeksang 2022’s red carpet: Park Bo Gum first appeared at an event after being discharged from the army

Suzy, Yoona (SNSD), Park Bo Gum, Kim Hye Soo, and other famous Korean actors gathered together on the red carpet of the Baeksang Arts Awards 2022.

On the evening of May 6, the Baeksang Arts Awards 2022 officially took place, attracting the attention of netizens everywhere. The red carpet of this year’s awards ceremony gathered famous names of the Korean film industry such as Kim Hye Soo, Yoona (SNSD), Suzy, Kim Tae Ri, Park Bo Gum, Jung Hae In, Lee Junho (2PM). …

On the most anticipated red carpet of the year, Suzy becomes the talk of the town when this is the 6th time she takes on the role of MC of this awards ceremony. Her luxurious black dress with a deep slit, exalting her full bust accelerates Suzy’s attractiveness and combines with her beautiful face, creating a flawless beauty. On the contrary, Yoona’s appearance at this year’s awards ceremony receives mixed reactions with bold makeup, hiding her inherent gentle beauty. As for male actors, Park Bo Gum’s appearance is the most anticipated by the public since this is the actor’s first event after being discharged from the army.

Baeksang’s trio of MCs this year are Shin Dong Yup, Suzy, and Park Bo Gum
The 3 MCs are dressed in luxurious black outfits. The “national first love” Suzy and actor Park Bo Gum are the most noticeable characters of this year’s award ceremony
Suzy’s goddess-like beauty. The black dress fully exalts her porcelain white skin. The female idol and actress is definitely the brightest factor at this year’s Baeksang 
After a 2-year hiatus to enlist in the army, Park Bo Gum has officially returned to the entertainment industry. The handsome, warm visual of the actor has never disappointed netizens.
Yoona wears a gorgeous white dress, showing off her sexy figure on the prestigious red carpet
Yoona’s heavy makeup 
SNSD Seohyun also chooses a sexy white dress which carefully shows off her gorgeous bust. 
The beautiful goddess-like face of the youngest member of SNSD also receives a lot of compliments from netizens. In her 30s, Seohyun is getting more and more beautiful and attractive.
Actress Kim Hye Soo shows off her sexy hourglass figure in a skinny dress.
Jung Hae In in a dashing white suit with his ageless visual. Who can believe that he’s already 34 years old?
Junho (2PM) with his elegant white suit
The female lead of the famous Netflix series Squid Game – Jung Ho Yeon dresses up in a very cool outfit with a lady’s white dress and bunker boots.
However, the actress-model’s makeup is quite pale
Kim Tae Ri shows off her classic beauty in a glamorous white dress
Lee Yoo Mi wears a rather simple outfit compared to the cult event. 
Lee Se Young shows off her sexy yet sweet beauty in a black dress 
Lovelyz Mijoo’s smile brightens the red carpet. The actress-idol also looks both luxurious and adorable in her sexy black dress
Actress Cho Yi Hyun
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