BABYMONSTER Is Nowhere To Be Seen Even After Debut, “Are They A Virtual Group?”

No one understands why BABYMONSTER doesn’t carry out any activities after releasing their debut song and MV 

Making their debut on November 27th, BABYMONSTER is the new girl group introduced by YG Entertainment seven years after BLACKPINK. YG has been very confident that all six members are “all-rounder” idols with amazing vocal, dance, rap skills and outstanding visuals.


Normally, a rookie idol group will carry out various debut promotional activities, such as debut showcase, music shows, YouTube content, entertainment programs, etc., and try to show their face to the public as much as possible. However, BABYMONSTER has been very quiet ever since their debut and there are not as many YouTube content and teasers as their pre-debut era. This is why many people are jokingly saying that BABYMONSTER is a virtual group.

BABYMONSTER’s debut song “BATTER UP” contains the message that the group will become the game changer of the global music market. However, it failed to enter Korean music charts. The song reached the highest peak of No.130 on Melon the day it was released and dropped out of Melon Daily Top 100 chart on the 29th. In addition, the music video also received unfavorable reviews. It is said to be boring and outdated. Some even pointed out that BLACKPINK’s debut MV in 2016 was better.


Despite the poor performance in Korea, the song is doing quite well internationally. However, BABYMONSTER has no overseas activities.

BABYMONSTER means “young idols with monster skills”, however, their song, performance, and visuals are just the same as other idols nowadays. In addition, many other groups have already challenged kitschy, lovely, and hip-hop stylings and concepts. Some idols also released only one debut song like BABYMONSTER but they still promoted well.

There’s an opinion that the public lost their interest in BABYMONSTER due to the absence of the “Ace” member Ahyeon right before the group’s debut.


The fact that Yang Hyun-suk directly produced the group himself also leads to various risks. While dealing with the trials on his threatening charges, Yang Hyun-suk still tried to work on composing, writing lyrics, and arranging BABYMONSTER’s debut song. However, the controversial producer ended up receiving more criticism because the song couldn’t meet the expectations of music listeners.

Although YG said they will carry out BABYMONSTER’s promotion step by step with more perfect performances and music, it is still questionable whether BABYMONSTER members are really perfect enough to be introduced at this time.

BABYMONSTER is still nowhere to be seen and it is also unclear how YG will promote the unique charms of the members they have confidently introduced before.

Source: Daum

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