“Aren’t they related? ” Actress Kim Ji-eun sparked discussion because of her similarity with other idols and actresses (feat. Han So-hee & Ryujin)

Actress Kim Ji-eun, star of SBS drama “One Dollar Lawyer,” caught eyes for resembling other figures in the industry.

Recently, various online communities have posted articles saying that Kim Ji-eun, Han So-hee, and Ryujin (ITZY) looked alike. Netizens compared photos of the singer and actresses, saying, “Every time I watch the drama, it seems like they are Kim Ji-eun and Ryujin, so I’m surprised”, “If you look closely, there is Seolhyun too”, “Han So-hee, Ryujin, and Kim Ji-eun are so similar”, “I thought they were real sisters to Ryujin”. 

han so hee
Han Sohee (left) and Ryujin (ITZY) (right) 

Kim Ji-eun debuted in 2016 as a CF model for Bacchus-F and appeared in OCN’s “Hell Is Other People”, KBS2’s “Doctor Prisoner”, MBC’s “The Veil” and SBS’s “Again My Life.”

kim ji eun
Kim Ji-eun’s Instagram

She is currently acting in the SBS drama “One Dollar Lawyer”, working with Namkoong Min for the third time in a row after “Doctor Prisoner” and “The Veil”.

Source: wikitree

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