“Aren’t they doppelgangers?” Many say Kim Hieora of “The Glory” reminds them of “this person”

Netizens are paying keen attention to the doppelganger of Kim Hieora, an actress from Netflix’s hot series “The Glory.”

As the trailer for “The Glory” Part 2 is released, various stories about the cast of “The Glory” are going viral on various online communities.

Among them, Kim Hieora‘s Doppelganger theory is becoming a hot topic. In “The Glory,” Kim Hieora, who plays Lee Sa Ra, the daughter of a pastor at a large church, was praised for her perfect performance.

Kim Hieora
Kim Hieora

She is loved for her attractive appearance as much as her acting. In “The Glory,” she perfectly portrayed the unique atmosphere of a drug addict with crazy eyes and a skinny body.

Netizens who fell in love with Kim Hieora through “The Glory” expressed their enthusiastic interest in her. Many are sharing a theory in which Kim and the famous actress Jang Young Nam might be doppelgangers.

Kim Hieora

Netizens are eager to harmonize their filmography, even imagining virtual castings where they play a teacher and student with a bloody revenge relationship, a daughter and mother, siblings, and even as each other’s past and future.

In fact, the two have surprisingly many similarities. From their deep eyes, distinct double eyelids, straight nose bridge, to the cool atmosphere that goes well with winter.

Miss Baek

In addition to their appearances, the two’s careers also have similarities.

After working hard and gaining experience at a theater troupe, Jang Young Nam has been active in all genres, including musicals, dramas, and movies.

Jang Young Nam made her debut in 1995 as a member of a theater troupe called ‘Cotton’ and began acting. She built solid acting skills after participating in numerous big works, such as Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, “Welcome to Dongmakgol”, “Return to Hamlet”, “The Vagina Monologues”, etc. Jang Young Nam is also famous for playing six characters at the same time in the play “Birds Don’t Use the Crosswalk”.

Jang Young-nam

Kim Hieora debuted in 2009 and has been active as a musical and theater actress for 14 years. Her representative works are the musicals “Seopyeonje”, “Salieri”, “Little Jack”, “Marie Curie”, etc., and the play “Behemoth”. She appeared in “Bernarda Alba” and continued her musical activities until 2021.

Later, Kim Hieora performed enthusiastically in various dramas, such as JTBC’s “Beyond Evil” (2021), tvN’s “Hospital Playlist 2”, “Bad and Crazy”, ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, KBS2’s “Bad Prosecutor”, etc. Especially in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, she played the role of Gye Hyang Shim, a North Korean defector with strong motherly love, and touched all viewers with her emotional acting.

Many netizens on Twitter agreed, saying “Are they doppelgangers?”, “Their faces still confuse me”, “It would get goosebumps if the two act together”, “The two have the same vibe”, “Both look elegant”, “I thought of Jang Young Nam as soon as I saw Lee Sa Ra of ‘The Glory’”, etc.

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