AOA Jimin’s recent condition: extremely skinny body

Jimin, a member of the group AOA, has revealed the recent condition of her skinny body.

Jimin posted a photo of her recent life on social media on the afternoon of July 4th.

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AOA Jimin's recent condition: extremely skinny body
AOA Jimin's recent condition: extremely skinny body

The released photo shows Jimin smiling and posing at a place that appears to be like a studio. Still, her slim figure with no fat at all attract attention.

In the comment section, netizens are worried by her condition:

“Someone please help her.”

“This is as serious as a case of a malnourished child.”

“If it’s this worse, isn’t her agency taking care of her? This is not a healthy skinny body, this is definitely a sick patient’s condition…”
Jimin will participate as a special judge in the “2019 FNC Public Audition Pick Up Stage: Boys” hosted by her agency FNC Entertainment. She is also expected to appear as a special judge for the third executive audition for “FNC Pickup Stage: Boys” which will take place on August 9th.
As the leader and rapper of FNC Entertainment’s group AOA, Jimin began her singing career with the single album “Angels’ Story” in 2012. She appeared on Mnet’s “Unpretty Rapstar,” which aired in 2015, and was recognized for her level of rap skills.

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