“Why do we have to worry about celebrities?”… Haters mock Lee Seung Gi regarding the controversy of being gaslighted by HOOK

While many felt sorry for Lee Seung Gi, who complained about not getting paid by HOOK for 18 years, some netizens expressed different opinions and even criticized the actor.

Right after “all-round entertainer” Lee Seung Gi asked HOOK Entertainment to provide details of his music revenue, Dispatch released an exclusive report proving Lee Seung Gi has not yet received any payments for his music activities over the past 18 years from HOOK. 

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According to the report, Lee Seung Gi found out that he was gaslighted by HOOK when he heard the abusive comment CEO Kwon Jin Young made about him. 

As the controversy intensified, CEO Kwon immediately announced his position, saying “Whether they are true or not, I’m deeply ashamed of myself. I feel so embarrassed and sorry because everything is my fault and it’s all due to my lack of virtue. In the future, if there is any part that HOOK Entertainment or I, personally, are confirmed to be legally responsible for, we will take full responsibility without stepping back and avoiding it”.

lee seung gi

Upon hearing the news, Internet users reacted, “How could they cheat on Lee Seung Gi?”, “HOOK is messing up with someone they shouldn’t have touched”, “Even a big star like Lee Seung Gi is being treated like this. This is a serious issue in the entertainment industry”, etc. 

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However, many others left malicious comments seemingly mocking Lee Seung Gi. They claimed, “We don’t have to worry about celebrities”, and pointed out that Lee Seung Gi has made a lot of money in various fields, such as advertisements, entertainment shows, dramas, etc., apart from his music activities. 

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Also, some netizens commented, “He was very smart. Why does he bring this up now but not earlier?”, “I think we should remain neutral on this issue. It was CEO Kwon who discovered Lee Seung Gi when he had nothing in his hands and made him a top star”, etc. 

Source: Insight

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