Anonymous YouTuber claims to be Kim Seon-ho’s classmate and reveals his personality

Another classmate of actor Kim Seon-ho appeared and revealed his true personality.

On October 28th, A, who claimed to be Kim Seon-ho’s classmate at Seoul Institute of the Arts, recalled Kim Seon-ho’s college days in a video titled “Kim Seon, what kind of person is he, and the truth of the incident?” on his YouTuber channel “뿌우업”. Actor Lee Si-eon unexpectedly appeared in the video as well, drawing attention. Lee Si-eon is a student of class 5 of Seoul Institute of the Arts just like Kim Seon-ho.

Kim Seon-ho

A said, “We had a similar name, so I was close to Seon-ho until before I went to the military,” adding, “The Seon-ho I know is a very good person. Because of the nature of the school, there were many handsome and pretty faces, but Seon-ho had a particularly good appearance and voice, so he stood out among other performers and friends,” he explained. He also said, “He was very popular not only with female but also with male classmates. The Seon-ho I knew was a shy, gentle person who smiled a lot and cared for others. I remember him as a friend with a strong academic enthusiasm rather than a person who liked to play around,” he said.

“I found an old picture”, A said, then explained, “In the picture, I’m on the right, and Seon-ho is on my left. Lee Si-eon is also our friend in Class 05′, and he can be seen next to Seon-ho on the left, too. He’s 4 years older than us. He’s just like what you see him on the TV, a brother who made us laugh a lot because of his playful and cheerful personality.”

kim seon ho

A also shared, “Seon-ho’s major is acting, but whenever the directing teams needed a hand, he could stay up all night to help and even take group photos with them. He still appeared with great tension on the next day and finished all his work until the end. In my memory, he’s a kind and cool friend.”

Then, A expressed their personal opinion, saying, “If there is anything that Seon-ho should look back on, I think he should reflect on himself sincerely. However, as a person who worked in the broadcasting industry, I don’t think he should be criticized too much, not to the point that Seon-ho couldn’t handle it. For all this time, he’s been working hard as an actor without any problems. Therefore, I cautiously suggest that there might be some inside stories about the unsavory incident that happened right at the time for his contract renewal with his company.”

Lastly, he added a subtitle saying, “I’m sorry that I couldn’t give you strength as an old classmate.”

Kim Seon-ho

Meanwhile, Kim Seon-ho admitted to his ex-girlfriend’s disclosure about him forcing her to get an abortion under the pretense of marriage and delivered his apology. However, since Kim Seon-ho’s ex also revealed his two-faced attitude that is different from his image on the TV, his college friends and actors and staff of “Hometown Cha Cha Cha”, who used to work with him, have spoken up and tried to clarify Kim Seon-ho’s true personality.

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