All members of BTS own over 10 billion won of HYBE share each, who is the biggest holder?

BTS members are the biggest contributors to HYBE Labels’ astounding successes, so it comes as no surprise that they are also large shareholders. 

From a company under the basement with billions of won in debt, HYBE Labels has become a top-tier entertainment firm – thanks to the effort and popularity of BTS. Now, according to a report by Korea CXO Research Institute, BTS members are all huge shareholders of HYBE, with each owning over 10 billion won worth of stock. 


The report stated that Suga, Jimin, V, and Jungkook each own 68,385 shares of HYBE, which value is estimated to fall around 13.3 billion won. Meanwhile, j-hope is in possession of 62,784 shares worth 12.2 billion won, while RM and Jin have 11.3 billion and 10.2 billion won worth of stock, respectively.  

7 members of BTS…

…are among the biggest shareholders of HYBE Labels 

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According to the same report, there are currently 11 HYBE shareholders who own over 10 billion worth of the company’s stock, and all 7 members of BTS are included. This is strong evidence of BTS’ power, influence, and prestige in their agency. 

On the other hand, every single move of BTS members can impact the stock price of HYBE Labels. In particular, in June 2022, when BTS announced that they are taking a break in group activities, HYBE stock dropped by 28% – the lowest ever since the company went public in 2020. 


Then, news about BTS’ enlistment in October 2022 also caused a slight stock decline of 2.5%. Only a day later, positive reactions to Jin’s military service drove the price up by 6.52%. 

Source: Korea JoongAng Daily 

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