Ahn Hyo-seop about Personal Life Rumors: “I Don’t Have a Girlfriend”

On January 10, Ahn Hyo-seop published a long message via the fan communication platform Weverse DM. 

Here, the actor discussed how he finds love and emotions precious, and although they do bring pain, happiness is the primary result.

“I don’t have a girlfriend”, Ahn Hyo-seop also said, affirming that he’s currently single and refuting ongoing personal life and dating rumors. At the same time, the actor also insisted that he will learn how to love and cherish his fans more. 

ahn hyo seop

Fans, who read Ahn Hyo-seop’s sincere words, have also expressed their love for the actor and asking for others to respect his personal life.

On the other hand, Ahn Hyo-seop has been facing various personal life rumors, particularly dating rumors with his “Business Proposal” and “Dr. Romantic” co-stars, Kim Se-jeong and Lee Sung-kyung. 

The actor also recently held a global fan-meeting tour with over 50,000 audiences.


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