Ahn Eun-jin “Changes after ‘My Dearest’? I live with fruits”

Ahn Eun-jin reveals her changed daily life after “My Dearest”

On Dec 3rd, tvN’s “You Quiz On The Block” (You Quiz) released a preview of actress Ahn Eun-jin’s appearance.

Ahn Eun-jin, who recently gained attention for her role in MBC’s “My Dearest”, returns to “You Quiz” after 3 years.

Maintaining her entertaining personality, Ahn Eun-jin casually shares changes in her daily life after “My Dearest”, stating, “I live with strawberries and Shine Muscat. I pour Greek yogurt a lot.

Recalling the first script reading, she mentions a memorable moment, “I wondered, ‘Why is my acting like this today?’ When I looked ahead, Senior Namkoong Min was there. I learned ‘cheat keys’ from him.” Namkoong Min also appears to support Ahn Eun-jin, expressing his admiration for her performance in “My Dearest” and cheering her on.

With numerous couples emerging from the long filming process of “My Dearest”, Ahn Eun-jin, proud of the 11 couples formed, shares her satisfaction and reveals how to identify secret dating couples.

Besides, Ahn Eun-jin shares, “My ultimate bias is Hanni (NewJeans). She really stared at me for 5 seconds. I’m not lying.” She then showcases NewJeans’ “Super Shy” dance.

The “You Quiz On The Block” episode featuring Ahn Eun-jin will be broadcast at 8:45 PM on Dec 6th.

Source: Nate

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