Ahn Bo Hyun Flaunts Timeless Visuals, Making Netizens Think “Flex x Cop” Stills Are from 8 Years Ago

Ahn Bo Hyun is about to return in the drama “Flex x Cop.” Just recently, the production crew released multiple still cuts, giving viewers a glimpse of Ahn Bo Hyun transforming into the character Jin Yi Soo. Notably, these stills have drawn nostalgic parallels to Ahn Bo Hyun’s “Descendants of the Sun” era.

These stills unveil scenes featuring Yi Soo on a mission. Armed with a rifle, he’s caught in action in a closed convenience store in the heart of the city, rescuing hostages.

Ahn Bo Hyun

Ahn Bo Hyun’s cold stare, his cop ensemble, and the firearm are an instant throwback to a classic scene from the 2016 drama “Descendants of the Sun.”

What’s more surprising is when fans put side by side photos from both dramas, with a gap of 8 years. Ahn Bo Hyun appears to be completely unchanged, except for what he wears. From his facial expressions to overall aura, Ahn Bo Hyun looks the same.

Viewers left comments: 

  • “Looking at these stills, I though they were Ahn Bo Hyun in ‘Descendants of the Sun'”
  • “I legit thought someone photoshopped Im Kwang Nam’s (Ahn Bo Hyun’s character in ‘Descendants of the Sun’) face onto Yi Soo’s body. His gaze hasn’t changed an inch.”
  • “I could’ve sworn ‘Descendants of the Sun’ aired just 2 or 3 years ago; finding out it’s been 8 years is shocking. Has Ahn Bo Hyun seriously not aged a day?”
  • “Ahn Bo Hyun has officially mastered time travel!!!”

In “Flex x Cop,” Ahn Bo Hyun portrays Yi Soo, a third-generation chaebol. Instead of taking over the family business, he wants to be a cop and becomes part of the first violence team at Gangha police station. What makes Yi Soo stand out is his unconventional way of catching criminals—using his wealth and personal connections. Alongside all of this, Yi Soo is packing more brains and unique skills compared to the rest of the squad.

Source: k14

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