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aespa’s Karina shows off her superior body proportion while doing pilates on “Omniscient Interfering View”

aespa’s Karina revealed her unrealistic physique while working out. 

On MBC’s “Omniscient Interfering View”, which aired on July 9th, Karina was seen practicing the exercise that she has been doing for 3 years. On that day, Karina dressed up in a combination of crop tee and workout leggings and greeted her PT instructor.

aespa karina

Karina, who was enjoying playing with the cats at the gym, started exercising in earnest at the request of the PT instructor. 

aespa karina

First, Karina started with the hip exercises. The PT instructor said, “We’re gonna put some weight on it. We’ll also practice the exercise that you’ve never done before. You’ll get the sense of hell”. However, Karina easily lifted the bar in the squat position. Barbells were then added on both sides but Karina drew attention by completing it with no difficulty.

Although the exercises looked difficult, Karina did not change her expression and even smiled while working out, raising the curiosity of the MCs who were watching the scene through VCR. Hong Hyun-hee asked, “You smiled because your mouth was drooping, right?”. Karina responded, “That’s right. My instructor always reminds me about my expression”. In other words, she has to pay attention to her facial expression to maintain its flexibility.  

aespa karina

After playing with the cat during her short break, Karina went back to the training session. Karina put strength on her abs to get thin waistlines. She raised and lowered down her pelvis at a quick pace, boasting her excellent core power.

aespa karina

At this time, Karina drew admiration with her superior body proportion with a small face and long legs. Her skinny thighs did not even touch the floor but stretched out in the 11-shape position. Karina’s impressive physique made the viewers want to diet. 

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