aespa’s Giselle Surprises Fans with Cameo in Riot Games Video: A Collab Coming Soon? 

aespa’s Giselle made a surprise appearance in a recent video by video game developer Riot Games

Since their debut in 2020, aespa’s unique virtual avatars “aes” have added an extra layer to their artistic expression and unique storytelling. 

This virtual concept has allowed aespa to explore collaborations with various digital platforms, including the popular video game Epic Seven in 2022.

The collaboration with Epic Seven featured special in-game events, the introduction of new artifacts, and the temporary addition of four animated characters inspired by aespa members.

Riot Games’ newest video unveiling the 11th set of Teamfight Tactics unexpectedly showcased a photo of aespa’s Giselle in one designer’s workspace. The close-up image was from aespa’s “Dreams Come True” concept, sparking intrigue.

While some speculated about a potential collaboration hinted at by Giselle’s cameo, others believed it was merely a coincidental background detail.

Source: kb

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