aespa Steals Naevis’ Solo Debut Song for “MY WORLD” Album 

On May 17th, aespa made a comeback with their third mini-album “MY WORLD” and appeared as a guest on MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope.”


aespa received congratulations for setting a new record in first-week sales. When asked if how they felt, aespa replied, “We found out about it later. At first, it was like ‘Hey, how many albums did we sell?’ and then later we see and go, ‘Oh?.’ That’s our style.”

When asked if the title track “Spicy” suited their taste while recording it, aespa responded, “It’s a song we chose. Rather than thinking, ‘It suits us,’ it was more like ‘Let’s do well.’ It’s a song we wanted to do.


“Spicy” is a song that aespa had before their debut. Giselle revealed, “‘Black Mamba,’ ‘Savage,’ and ‘Spicy’ were already decided. It was one of the candidates.” Karina explained the reason for choosing “Spicy” as the title track this time, saying, “When deciding on a song, we also considered coming back in the summer, and we thought about the old ‘Spicy’ song, and we thought, ‘Wouldn’t this song be better for a summer comeback?’


aespa members also mentioned that they personally selected the first track of the album, “Welcome To MY World (Feat. Naevis).” They then revealed that this song was actually Naevis’ solo debut song.

When asked who claimed to steal Naevis’ solo debut song, the members exchanged glances and whispered to each other simultaneously, drawing laughter. 

Source: Daum.

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